The walls and facades of your buildings keep the cool air inside the building and are mainly responsible for your chilled water and electrical consumption. house-outsideThe energy for cooling is consumed by the A/C units, which are supplied with chilled water with a temperature of 5-9°. The chilled water is delivered from any kind of chiller outside your building. You may have one central unit for your house or even for your compound or lots of split units. These chillers produce cold water by using electricity. That is where your electricity bill comes from. If your chiller is centralized the electrical cost are included in the bill from the supplier of the cold water. You may ask yourself, how can you identify the difference between an energy efficient building and an energy inefficient building and where do we loose the energy? We can show you the areas where you loose the energy with our thermal imager camera inspection, working on infrared radiation. The camera can detect the losses of cool air or energy in your building as shown in the picture. Everything dark blue shows you areas of high energy loss. With such pictures we are able to investigate and will find the causes for your loss of energy. If you need more information please contact us.