Mr. Hohmann is working since more than 25 years in the field of environmental technology and project management. He started his career working 10 years in the field on waste management and contaminated sites in Germany. During this time he worked on multiple waste management projects and was responsible for various landfill designs in Germany.

Between 1998 and 2010 Mr. Hohmann was working as project manager on international construction projects mainly for race tracks. During this period he successfully and timely delivered five Formula 1 projects, two MotoGP projects and two privately owned tracks with an overall project value of more than 2 billion USD. Working with critical schedules in difficult environments coordinating many stakeholders was required for all these projects.

Since 2010 Mr. Hohmann works as Managing Director for Fortytwo Environmental Consultancy, which was founded to provide environmental consultancy services to the Middle East market with the combined knowledge of project management and environmental management to increase sustainability on projects.

Peter Hohmann is holding the PMP certificate for professional project management.