We are an international consultancy company working to deliver environmental friendly and sustainable solutions for construction, operation and maintenance of all kind of facilities. 

Our philosophy is focused on streamlining projects without losing the environmental requirements and achieving high levels of sustainability. 

Fortytwo is fully committed to the implementation of environmental friendly methods into all aspects of corporate activity and is going to further develop and improve the internal practices as well as the services for clients. 

We will comply with local legal requirements, codes, standards and best practices in all countries we are working. 

Peter Hohmann, the Managing Director is responsible for the implementation, utilization and regular review of the Fortytwo environmental policy and environmental management. 

Fortytwo requires from its employees to perform in an environmentally responsible way in all areas of work. Relevant environmental issues occurring during project development will be brought to the client’s attention. 

Our aim is to create awareness and understanding of environmental issues to contribute sustainable construction, operation and maintenance are taken for granted. 

Fortytwo will incorporate relevant environmental practices into all its activities. As far as practical, materials are procured from sustainable and environmental friendly sources. Pollution of any kind from company activities should be prevented or minimized. We are committed to re-use and recycling wherever feasible. 

To achieve and maintain the aims of this policy an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management system has been implemented, which complies with the international ISO Standard 14001 and local regulations like the EHSMS in Abu Dhabi. 

Peter Hohmann Managing Director