Environmental Management Systems are getting increasingly important in international business as more and more private and government institutions require certificates according to ISO 14001 from their business partners. 

Fortytwo offers consultancy services for preparation and implementation of Environmental Management Systems for all kind of companies. 


[styled_box title="First" color="green"]Establish the Environmental Policy
[styled_box title="Plan" color="green"]Document environmental aspects
Document legal and other requirements
Document objectives, targets & program[/styled_box]
[styled_box title="Do" color="green"]Define roles & responsibilities
Establish training & awareness program
Identify communication strategy
Establish documentation
Establish operational control
Establish emergency plans

[styled_box title="Check" color="green"]
Carry out monitoring and measurement
Evaluate results
Correct & prevent 
Control records
Internal Audit[/styled_box]

[styled_box title="Act" color="green"]Management Review[/styled_box]


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