The philosophy behind FORTYTWO originates in “Hitchhikers Guide through the Universe”, a book by Douglas Adams. The book tells the story of the inhabitants of a distant planet building the biggest ever computer to receive the answer to the Question of “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

The machine calculates during some million years and surprisingly answers: “42”. The distant planet’s inhabitants, disappointed by the answer, ask the machine whether this really can be the answer to the Question about Life, the Universe and everything. The computer mentions that they may have forgotten the question and as such cannot understand the answer.

In the life of Project Management and Environmental Engineering, a similar problem arises very often. Projects are driven by too unclear requirements. Targets not specified well enough, leading to the project not being focussed.

FORTYTWO helps define the initial requirements and keeps the project on target, avoiding computers to give funny answers to unknown questions, and making sure the investor receives the desired project outcome.